Ruth Vanherwegen (°1992, BE) a multidisciplinary artist, and storyteller who tells her story through photography, sculptures, music, poetry & film.
Her artistic nature is stimulated by an unstoppable curiosity for the unknown. Through visual arts, she crosses boundaries and seeks beauty in the most unlikely places. She shares what she finds meaningful by freezing a moment and cherishing that piece of ‘privileged proximity’. Not only capturing her own emotions, but also touching the audience is what drives her. 
Vanherwegen graduated in 2023 with a master's degree in fine arts - photography (Magna cum laude)


2019-2023: Master Visual Arts-Photography, LUCA School of Arts, C-mine Genk(BE)
2015-2018: Bachelor Creative Therapy, PXL Hasselt(BE)
2012-2015: Bachelor Occupational Therapy, Thomas More Geel(BE)

2023 EXIT/23, C-mine Genk (BE)
2023 Breedbeeld, Opus One, De Krook, Gent (BE)
2022 Enter : Exit, Casino Modern, Genk (BE)
2022 Try-Out, Pelt (BE)
2021 A Letter to Elizabeth Tibbots - Maison Florida , Hasselt (BE)
2021 Ondersporen - Hasselt (BE)
2020 Weird is Wonderful, Wonderful is Weird - C-Mine Genk (BE)


2024 Hoe jij gaat schoon mens - Masterthesis (book)
2023 Z33 - Wanatoeprijs
2023 Het Belang van Limburg- Wanatoeprijs
2023 Breedbeeld,Opus One- It’s okay i’m only bleeding (book)
2022 Bare body- Gedachtengang - Kortrijk (BE)
2021 Ondersporen - Hasselt (BE)
2020 Insula Piscatorum (book)
2020 Weird is Wonderful, Wonderful is Weird - C-Mine Genk (BE)


2023 Wanatoe Publieksprijs- Winner - Belang van Limburg/Z33
2023 Koning Boudewijnstichting- Roger de Conynck Award-Winner-
‘'Hoe jij gaat schoon mens'’.
2023 Lensculture-Emerging Talent Awards-Competition Gallery
2022 De Donkere Kamer - Finalist - Brugge (BE)
2022 Breedbeeld, Opus One - Winner - Gent ( BE)
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